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Frequently Asked Questions

Pleasant Tours are proud to work with the best dedicated Medical Concierge Team in Portugal.

Algarve Med Assist is a Portuguese medical assistance company, oriented to support our clients to obtain the best health and wellness experience. 

Based in the popular touristic destination of the Algarve, we are here to support our clients with all their medical needs throughout the country, including the islands. 

Our knowledge of the on the ground resources and providers, associated with our own medical and logistical know how, makes us your partner of choice to manage your cases in Portugal. 

Our vision is that no one should face challenges to obtain medical services and support while they are away from home. 

House Call Visits / Online appt
Medical appointments and GOP

Discharge Planning and Cost Containment

Transportation Services
Repatriation support & Medical Escorts

Clinical Specialist Services 

1. We are a company with qualified experienced doctors and nurses who understand how to match international travel with logistics and medical care, transforming all these processes into a smooth and simple transaction to the patient, their family and insurer.

2. Access to a operations and nurse advice line that is able to provide round the clock support and advice 

3. Experience and knowledge, with integrated CRM that allow us to track and manage cases in real time. We comply with RGPD regulations to keep the assistance company/insurer updated. 


We can send a Doctor, a Nurse, a Physiotherapist to assist the member in the comfort of his home, hotel accommodation or work location. 


Book an appointment with one of General Practitioner to discuss an urgent medical issue, a chronic condition or simply to review a prescription. 

We can also offer quick access to Midwives to help with any pregnancy or related breast-feeding questions or Psychology sessions. 


With access to a network of well-known established medical partners throughout the country, we can secure referrals and appointment for all specialists or complementary medical investigations. 

We will take care of the payment side of the operation and obtain the medical report, provided that we have a ROMIF signed. 


Our medical team will be monitoring the patient’s progress throughout admission and preparing for the discharge. We can ensure that this transition and rehabilitation is smooth, by providing regular follow up care and support with Nursing care, Physiotherapy, blood work, medical follow up and carers when needed. 

Our aim is to help your cost containment processes, ensuring that the discharge and follow up care plans are feasible and reach expected goals. 

Should you decide to transfer the patient back to their home country, we can also facilitate the entire process and support you with the logistics and medical requirements. 


Through our network of ambulance providers, we can secure any type of ambulance transfers: – BLS – Basic Life Support
– ALS – Advanced Life Support 

We meet with our providers regularly and ensure that they keep their mandatory requirements which include national Health Authority License, Insurance and safety standards. 

Our ops team will take care of tarmac access when required. 


Our team comes from different medical and operational backgrounds which allows us to adapt to our clients ever changing needs to provide consultancy and on-site support. Key examples: 

–  Medical Support for Events (conferences, executive meetings, sports events etc).
–  Pharmaceutical / Clinical Trials with trained Research Nurses.
–  Staffing for facilities such as Nursing Homes and Mobile clinics.


At ALGARVE MED ASSIST we understand that the journey of pregnancy is a unique and cherished experience. That is why we are excited to offer expert midwifery services as part of our comprehensive care packages. 

Our highly skilled and compassionate Midwives provide personalized support throughout the entire pregnancy, birth planning and postpartum period. 

From the early stages of prenatal care to the joyous moment of welcoming the little one into the world, we will be there for to provide support every step of the way. 


Our carefully selected executive transfers will provide you with the best option to take your beneficiary to your designated destination. 

They are experienced in dealing with our client ́s specific needs and understand the logistics behind our operation. 

We can take care of your beneficiary’s transfer to the hospital, to their appointment or departure airport. We can also collect your medical escort to or from the airport. 


Commercial Seated and stretcher 

Our experienced team of Medical Escorts will take care of all your needs to take your patient back home. From the planning phase and FTF confirmation, to the actual execution of the transfer, we will provide a seamless service to all stakeholders involved. 

We have our own kit which includes Medical Bag, monitoring equipment, Oxygen Concentrator, Vacuum Mattress, scoop and suction unit. 

Depending on the case, we can also provide a travel companion service. 


The MEDICINE CONVENIENCE PACK makes everything simpler, since our pharmacist will sort and package all medications that the patient takes at home. The blisters are clearly labeled by day and time, giving assurance that all medicines are taken according to their original prescription. 

The custom pack are color-coded and are safely packaged by our pharmacist. The top of each blister cell lists the patient’s name, the medication name, and day and time it should be taken. 

* Service availability is dependent on location. 


At ALGARVE MED ASSIST, we understand that every partner and client has different needs and expectations. That is why we offer tailor-made products that are customized to suit your specific goals and challenges. 

A tailor-made product is a product that is designed and developed according to your requirements, preferences, and feedback

Yes. Book an appointment with one of General Practitioner to discuss an urgent medical issue, a chronic condition or simply to review a prescription. 

We can also offer quick access to Midwives to help with any pregnancy or related breast-feeding questions or Psychology sessions. 

Contact us at Pleasant Tours and we’ll organise your liaison with Algarve Med Assist.

Or call or email directly mentioning Pleasant Tours using the details below

+351 925 487 266  (Cost of a Mobile call)


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