Wine Tours in Portugal

Portugal is a country of strong wine tradition, and the excellent quality of its wines is recognised across the world, with numerous awards and distinctions won in international competitions. And to appreciate and know them, nothing like visiting the regions where they are produced, and wine is an excellent excuse to also discover the landscapes, heritage, culture and the people who live here. The Douro and Alentejo regions are where you will find the largest number of places dedicated to wine tourism, but there are wine production units receiving visitors all over the country, including the Algarve. To fully get to know the vineyards, the wineries and taste the wines, why not stay overnight and explore the surrounding area too?

Pleasant Tours Wine degustation

Quatro Cravos Tasting

Quatro Cravos presents the wines of Adega Cravo, Adega Original and PositiveWine. The vines are planted in different types of soil, including clay and limestone loams and varied grain sands with a greater or lesser amount of clay. Book to explore a dugustation and educate your palate on the viniculture of Portugal.

Quinta da Tor Vinho Pleasant Tours Almancil Algarve

Quinta da Tor

"Our mission is to difuse the authentic Algarve flavours and traditions" We offer a unique sensory experience with wines that represent “our” Algarve. Our brand image is wines with high alcohol level, between 16 and 17 alcohol degrees, that surprise with an unexpected smoothness, explosion of flavours and complexity."

Real Cave do Cedro

It all started in Bairrada, a region that produces wines full of vitality and history. Bairrada is a privileged stage for the transformations that took place in Portugal. “It took over 50 years for my father ond grandfather to create this wonderful winery. I gathered their teaching to create this unique ond delightful modern wines.”

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